Watch: 'Flex is Kings,' The Urban Dancing Doc Everyone is Buzzing About on Kickstarter

Watch: 'Flex is Kings,' The Urban Dancing Doc Everyone is Buzzing About on Kickstarter

Apr 09, 2012

Last night's 60 Minutes episode dedicated one segment to the world's only all-black orchestra, located in Central Africa. It's an orchestra made up of all volunteers from some of the poorest areas on earth, and it's utterly amazing to see them all fight through extreme adversity and come together to produce exceptional music out of the pure love of it. Their story reminds us of the one behind Flex is Kings, a new documentary that's a few thousand dollars away from completion over on Kickstarter. With three days to go, they need about three thousand dollars to finish what could potentially become one of next year's most talked-about docs.

Flex is Kings is set in East New York, one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, and it follows a group of dancers who've attempted to channel their neighborhood's lust for violence into these truly incredible stage productions that are beautiful and angry and purposeful. The doc was recently named indieWIRE's Project of the Week, and it's slowly building buzz at just the right time, hoping to reach their goal before their Kickstarter campaign ends. From their Kickstarter page (where you can donate and learn a whole lot more):

Flex Is Kings looks at the culture of flexing, a unique and vibrant dance form in deep Brooklyn, and the realities of the dancers who practice it. We, the filmmakers, have followed a group of dancers for over two years and have shot over 275 hours of film.

Flex dancing channels the grittiness of East New York into choreographed violence: guns battle, bones break, and hearts are ripped from chests. Using dance to illustrate their everyday lives and their inner aspirations, dancers jump into beautiful and imaginative dream logic and feats of daring: monsters roam train cars, young lovers meet, souls fly from bodies.

And here's that 60 Minutes piece on The Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra

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