Watch: 'Die Hard, Interrupted' Short Puts New Spin on the Action Classic

Watch: 'Die Hard, Interrupted' Short Puts New Spin on the Action Classic

Dec 27, 2011

Bruce Willis in Die HardWhen you ask the average movie fan what their favorite Christmas film is, most will respond with something like A Christmas Story or Miracle on 34th Street. Ask around our website, and the answer will be a little different. My own favorite Christmas film is the 1988 action classic wherein Bruce Willis takes on Alan Rickman and his merry band of thieves in LA’s Nakatomi building on Christmas Eve. Die Hard could have taken place on any date – but the decision to set it on Christmas Eve was pretty inspired because it raises the stakes just a bit higher. How dastardly is Hans Gruber? So greedy and evil and Grinch-like that he’d steal hundreds of millions of dollars while Santa was flying the skies and doling out presents.

Anyway, we’re not alone in our love of watching Die Hard on Christmas. The guys at Rigor Tortoise also love the holiday adventures of John McClane and they’ve made a hilarious video featuring all of the walkie-talkie chat that goes on in the film – and added a few new characters to the mix of their own creation.

The piece, which you can watch below, is called Die Hard, Interrupted – and trust us when we tell you it’s certainly worth three-and-a-half minutes of your time. 

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