Watch: 'Cast Away 2' and the 12-Second Sequel You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Watch: 'Cast Away 2' and the 12-Second Sequel You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Feb 06, 2015

One of the most devastating sequences in Robert Zemeckis' Cast Away comes when Tom Hanks' skinny, bearded, stranded FedEx executive finally makes a break for it, escaping his isolated life on the island by heading out to sea on a handcrafted raft and hoping for the best. Eventually he makes it, but not before losing the one thing that truly kept him alive long enough to make it to that point: his best friend, a volleyball named Wilson. 

It's a hard moment for him and for us, and Hanks sells it so well he wound up winning a Best Actor Golden Globe for the performance. And while the film does its best to give us closure on the character's life -- to the point where he buys a new volleyball for himself -- it's not the epic reunion we were hoping for deep down inside. It's not the old Wilson magically washing up on shore just as Hanks' character is going for a stroll on a beach somewhere. 

Or... ya know, Wilson being tossed to Hanks during a New York Rangers game.

Yup, that happened. And, sure, it's a cute moment for fans of Hanks' filmography, but something tells us this moment is also filling an emptiness that's remained in our hearts for the past 15 years. Finally they're back together again. And finally we might get that buddy road-trip sequel you know you've always wanted (and needed).





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