Watch: 'Blair Witch' Director Tries to Make Another Comeback with 'Lovely Molly' (Trailer)

Watch: 'Blair Witch' Director Tries to Make Another Comeback with 'Lovely Molly' (Trailer)

Sep 12, 2011

Eduardo Sanchez needs another horror movie success, like … yesterday. The Blair Witch Project co-director has been coasting on the name recognition of the granddaddy of all shaky cam/POV flicks for 12 years now, and his recent direct-to-DVD releases just didn't cut it. Sanchez premiered his latest spookfest, Lovely Molly, at TIFF yesterday, and we have the trailer to share with you.

Molly's supernatural crisis aims to be more like Repulsion than Paranormal Activity, but the trailer has its fair share of jumpy cuts and scares. The story centers around the newly married Molly Reynolds who pays her abandoned, isolated family home a visit. Nightmares from the past and a malevolent being threaten to consume her and blur the lines of psychosis and possession. There will surely be some Satanic shenanigans to contend with, as the symbol in the movie's logo contains a red Baphomet-like head – an image appropriated by practitioners of the dark arts.
The film's Facebook page indicates the movie was a crowd-pleaser for its premiere: "So the press and industry screening went well. We're trying to organize another one because they had to turn people away. Cool to hear people enjoying it." It'd be nice to see Sanchez back in the ring with another winner. Check out the trailer below -- plus a creepy viral clip courtesy of Bloody Disgusting -- and let us know if you think if Molly can make Sanchez the comeback kid.




[via: Deadline]

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