Watch: 'Birdman Returns' and More of Our Favorite Fake Movie Trailers

Watch: 'Birdman Returns' and More of Our Favorite Fake Movie Trailers

Nov 07, 2014


Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu‘s Birdman is still making its way to theaters across America – and now the folks at Fox Searchlight have done something really cool in order to get people interested in the story of a down-and-out superhero actor (Michael Keaton) trying to regain his lost fame: they’ve released this hilarious faux trailer.

The new clip, titled Birdman Returns, promotes a fictional 1992 superhero film. If you think back to 1992, you might remember that star Michael Keaton was doing his very own superhero sequel that year – a little movie called Batman Returns that he made with Tim Burton. The new clip plays up the joke angle, while getting just meta enough that film nerds will geek out over it.

Here’s what Fox Searchlight posted on the video when it put it up on YouTube:

#TBT: in 1992, Riggan Thomson makes box office history in Birdman Returns. It will be another 4 years before Riggan famously pulls out of Birdman 4 and disappears off the face of the planet until reviving his career on Broadway!

Pretty clever, Fox Searchlight. Well played. 

Birdman is hardly the only flick to feature a fake movie trailer. Here are a few of our other favorites, including Brock Landers’ Angels in My Town (from Boogie Nights), Arnold Schwarzenegger’s take on Hamlet (featured in The Last Action Hero), and Jaws reimagined as a romantic comedy in Must Love Jaws.

Share some of your favorites with us in the comment section below.  




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