Watch: 'ATM' Trailer Shows Killer Withdrawal Fees are the Least of Your Banking Worries

Watch: 'ATM' Trailer Shows Killer Withdrawal Fees are the Least of Your Banking Worries

Jan 06, 2012

ATM movie still

It’s been two years since ATM first blipped onto our radars, but at long last we’ve got our first official full trailer for the upcoming thriller.

Written by Buried screenwriter Chris Sparling, and starring Alice Eve, Josh Peck, and Brian Geraghty, the film is about three friends who stop at an enclosed, out-of-the-way ATM machine and become trapped when a strange man with an ax turns up outside. Hm…people trapped in an enclosed location? We might be starting to sense a recurring theme in Sparling’s work.

While we liked Buried (which benefited greatly from Ryan Reynolds’ tortured performance and some inventive direction from Rodrigo Cortes), we’re not entirely sold on ATM. Just watching the trailer has us questioning this premise. Why is there an enclosed ATM in the middle of what appears to be a gigantic empty parking lot? Why do all three people go to the machine together? If the ATM is inside a glass enclosure, and some of that glass has been busted out already, who cares if the guy starts pumping in water? Why does the strange assailant look like the killer from Urban Legend? These are just a few of the questions we had during the two-minute preview. Hopefully the film answers them in a plausible way. If not, film fans may well find ATM is overdrawn at the plausibility bank.

No word yet on when ATM will land in theaters, but judging by the trailer, sometime in 2012 seems a safe bet. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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