Watch 25 Minutes of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Right Now

Watch 25 Minutes of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Right Now

Jun 25, 2012

While Sony didn't officially release a 25-minute chunk of The Amazing Spider-Man, they've given us enough of the film for folks to piece together their own ultimate extended previews. Our friend SleepySkunk gives us this unofficial (but still kind of official) 25-minute version of The Amazing Spider-Man that's pieced together using all of the footage released by the studio thus far, via trailers, TV spots, featurettes, you name it. 

Is this proof that studios really are giving up way too much of their movies before release, or does this give up no more than your basic extended trailer? Watch and debate below ...

Update: The video is back. Watch it below

[via FSR]

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