Warner Bros. Finds a New Director for 'Lobo,' Guy Pearce in Talks for 'Iron Man 3'

Warner Bros. Finds a New Director for 'Lobo,' Guy Pearce in Talks for 'Iron Man 3'

Apr 20, 2012

Two little nuggets of superhero news just hit the wild, one a bit more intriguing than the other. So, let's start with what is likely to be the least fan pleasing of the two: Warner Bros. and DC Comics have settled on Brad Peyton to direct their Lobo movie. Why is that news so distressing? Well, Peyton's biggest films to date are Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Is an extremely family friendly, edge-free filmmaker who fans want heralding Lobo, a crap-talking, bike-riding alien bounty hunter, to the big screen for the first time? Especially after Warner Bros. had last attached Guy Ritchie, a surprisingly fitting choice, to kickstart the franchise hopeful? We're going to guess no. Of course, he might pull a Shawn Levy-Real Steel and make the jump from kids-only to genuine blockbuster pleaser. Time will tell.

As for the other, more immediately appealing news bite, Variety has broken that Guy Pearce is in talks for a key role in Iron Man 3, which Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) is directing based on plot elements from Warren Ellis' Iron Man: Extremis run of comics. If all the negotiations pan out as expected, the Lockout star will be joining Robert Downey Jr. as Aldrich Killian, a geneticist who is partially responsible for a new piece of nanotechnology that's used by both Iron Man and his enemies.

Having not read the comics, I can't say how right or wrong Pearce is for the role of Killian, but as a consistent fan of the man's work (I even liked Space Jail Lockout!), I'm looking forward to him stepping into the superhero realm. I kind of wish it was in the role of a starring superhero (our own John Gholson nailed him as a mean fit for Daredevil), but a supporting turn will do just fine.

But what say you? Are we too harsh on the idea of the Journey 2 director handling Lobo? Are we too easy on Pearce for Iron Man 3?

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