PSA: Warner Bros. Is Having a Great Sale on a Ton of Blu-rays and DVDs

PSA: Warner Bros. Is Having a Great Sale on a Ton of Blu-rays and DVDs

Oct 25, 2013

Most movie studios have their own online stores, but it's almost always cheaper to buy the same movies from third-party retailers like Amazon. We say almost always because Warner Bros. is currently running a sale on hundreds of movies that's besting third parties across the board. And, on top of that, you can shave a few extra bucks using the below coupon codes.

To see what all is on sale, head over to Yes, these are mostly old movies, but there's plenty of gems in the mix at great prices. So if you've been looking to upgrade some of your old DVDs to Blu-rays, you may want to take advantage of this deal. A few highlights:

Enter the Dragon - $4.98
The Ring - $5.49
Edge of Darkness - $5.49
Dark Ciy: Director's Cut - $5.49
Contact - $5.49
Hugo - $6.29
Event Horizon - $6.29
The Warriors - $6.29
There Will Be Blood - $6.29
The Green Mile - $6.29

And the list goes on and on from there. But that's not all. If you spend more than $25, use the coupon code "ANYCODES5" to save another $5. Orders over $50 can use the code "WBAFSAVE10" to slice off another $10. And yes, you can use that last coupon more than once. So if you've got more $100 worth of stuff, it's best to place the orders in $50 batches. Plus, orders over $50 are currently also eligible for free shipping. We're not sure why Warner Bros. is offering all of this, but we're not going to complain.

We're also not sure when exactly this sale is going to end, so you may want to jump on it sooner rather than later. Happy hunting.




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