Early Plot Details for 'Warcraft' Hint Duncan Jones Isn't Dumbing Down the Fantasy

Early Plot Details for 'Warcraft' Hint Duncan Jones Isn't Dumbing Down the Fantasy

Aug 01, 2013

Hey, remember that World of Warcraft movie that first blipped onto everyone’s radar a few years back? Well, it’s still happening – although it might be more of a Warcraft movie and not a World of Warcraft movie if the current speculation holds true.

When it was first announced, the film was going to be a big-screen fantasy epic based on Blizzard’s wildly popular online role-playing game. That didn’t feel right to many Warcraft purists, seeing as how WoW found individuals playing nondescript characters who worked with others to become heroes. Warcraft, on the other hand, had a rich history filled with heroic fantasy characters you could build a film around (and to be fair, much of the mythology transfers over to World of Warcraft). Sam Raimi was originally attached to the project, but he’s since been replaced by Moon’s Duncan Jones. We like that move.

The film resurfaced at the recent San Diego Comic-Con and now Bleeding Cool has uncovered more details that give us an idea of what it's about.

The website is surmising that the focus of the film has shifted a bit, moving away from WoW and instead focusing on the older strategy games in the series. This is good news – those games seem to lend themselves to the film treatment more readily than a massively multiplayer game.

As it stands now, the feature appears set to center around Khagdar, who’s employed by the Kirin Tor senate in the city of Dalaran. It seems that Khadgar, who’s an apprentice to the powerful mage Medivh, is tasked with investigating a crime that takes place inside the city, but his investigation eventually leads him out into the wilds of Azeroth, where he’ll encounter Lothar (leader of the Stormwind army) and the rulers of that city as well. Given that this is Warcraft, he’ll also almost assuredly be running into the forces of the Horde, including the Orcs and other races.

There’s no official casting yet, but Jones wants to get filming underway next year. Johnny Depp has been tied to the project at various points, and we could certainly see him playing Medivh, but after Tonto and Captain Jack Sparrow, maybe going in a different direction would be better for all parties involved. Jones seems set on not dumbing down the material, which should make fans happy.

If you haven’t played the earlier Warcraft games but still play WoW, you can go say hi to all of these characters as they appear in that game as well. An older Khadgar hangs out in Shattrath City, and you’ll find Medivh in the Black Morass as part of the Opening the Dark Portal event.




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