The 'Warcraft' Movie Taps Incredible Sci-fi Director to Bring Azeroth to Life

The 'Warcraft' Movie Taps Incredible Sci-fi Director to Bring Azeroth to Life

Jan 30, 2013

A potential movie based on the immensely popular Blizzard gaming series Warcraft has been kicking around Hollywood for a few years now. It came close to happening when Sam Raimi took the helm a few years ago, but he left the project in favor of Oz: The Great and Powerful. News since has been pretty quiet, but now it's just been revealed that Duncan Jones will be directing the film for Legendary Pictures.

Jones is of course the pretty inspired mind behind two of the best sci-fi movies in recent memory: Moon and Source Code. He's never taken on anything on the scale of Warcraft, though, so it's great to see a studio like Legendary Pictures take a risk on him instead of handing the film off to a safer director. It also probably doesn't hurt that Jones is a hard-core gamer, either. Just follow him on Twitter and you'll eventually see him nerding out about games new and old.

As for what the movie will actually be about, that's being kept in a shroud of secrecy. There have been many, many stories told in the game's fantasy world of Azeroth since it debuted in 1994, and the studio isn't saying what specific source material screenwriter Charles Leavitt drew from when he wrote his screenplay. Whatever the origin, we're quite confident that Duncan Jones will make the best of it. He hasn't disappointed us yet, and he may very well be the first director to make a truly phenomenal video game movie.

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