Want to Make an Indie Movie? Check Out This Fascinating Sundance Film Festival Infographic First

Want to Make an Indie Movie? Check Out This Fascinating Sundance Film Festival Infographic First

Jan 08, 2014

Festival season is upon us, and Entertainment Media Partners and Cultural Weekly have released a comprehensive infographic on independent filmmaking, linked to the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. What are the important stats surrounding the annual Utah fest? How much are filmmakers spending to create indie movies? The infographic answers all that and more. 

Around 400,000 people worked on the feature films submitted to Sundance, which brings the total number of movies entered to 4,000. To give you an idea of scale, that number of people is more than double the population of Salt Lake City. And almost 46,000 audience members attended the Park City festival last year to take it all in. 

We get a peek at the movies that brought in substantial money, including The Kids Are All Right (purchased for 4.8 million, raking in 20.8 million at the box office), but other stats seem utterly abysmal. Over $3 billion is spent each year to produce indie films, but less than 2% of the money will actually be recovered. More perspective on that: in 2013, only 75 of those 4,000-plus feature-length films actually snagged distribution deals. 

“Does that mean investors shouldn’t bankroll indie movies, and filmmakers should stop making them?” Entertainment Media Partners’ Adam Leipzig wrote. “Of course not. But I do wish financiers would invest more wisely, with seasoned guidance and a clear plan for distribution beforehand, and that filmmakers would concentrate on crafting far better movies. Creators and audiences alike would be better served with higher quality and lower quantity. The numbers make that abundantly clear.”

Crunch the numbers of this fascinating infographic, and leave us your conclusions, below.

Sundance Infographic




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