Want to Help Michael Bay Make 'Transformers 4?' Enter the Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest

Want to Help Michael Bay Make 'Transformers 4?' Enter the Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest

Sep 21, 2012

Michael BayTimes are tough – and if you’re looking for a sweet new gig, then perhaps you’ll want to consider Michael Bay’s latest proposition.

The Transformers filmmaker has partnered with Doritos to create a “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. The event allows aspiring filmmakers to create their very own Doritos commercial, with the two best entrants airing during the big game. The one that scores higher on USA Today’s ad-meter ranking wins the prize of a lifetime – the opportunity to work with Bay on Transformers 4 in an as yet undecided capacity (trust us, you’re not getting a director’s credit…). If the spot is the top Super Bowl commercial overall on the ad meter, the creator also gets a million bucks.

Okay, so working with Bay on Transformers 4 might not be the greatest gig in the world – after all, Megan Fox compared him to Hitler back in the day, and there are countless stories about how grueling it is to work on a Bay set. Still – the best way to learn about making movies is to make movies. Most of us will never have an opportunity to learn the craft while working with a box office juggernaut like Bay.

The two finalists for the big prize will be selected in different ways. One commercial will be chosen by Internet voters (4Chan is almost assuredly preparing to cause maximum mayhem with that voting as we speak…), while the second choice will come from Doritos judges and Bay.

Doritos originally approached the filmmaker about being involved with the contest and he agreed after being impressed with previous entrants.

“When you find out where these guys came from… it’s great,” Bay says. “If you want to get noticed, this is the way to do it.”

While the winner’s tiny credit on Transformers 4 might not earn them the keys to the Hollywood kingdom, there is a pretty big networking opportunity here to go along with the learning experience.

“When I was a film student, I would have killed for this kind of opportunity,” says Bay. “When you’re on the set, you get to see it all go down.”

So, fire up your cameras and get Final Cut running – opportunities like this don’t come along every day. Make Doritos look like a star and you could be the big winner (at least of the non-football variety) on Super Bowl Sunday. 

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