Entirely Different 80-Minute "Bizarro Cut" of 'Wanderlust' to Arrive on DVD and Blu-ray?

Entirely Different 80-Minute "Bizarro Cut" of 'Wanderlust' to Arrive on DVD and Blu-ray?

Mar 07, 2012

Because of Judd Apatow's influence, making a comedy these days under his watchful eye consists of a ton of experimental shooting, most of which goes off the script -- and off the story -- and eventually winds up on the cutting room floor or in a DVD blooper reel. Apatow isn't the only one making comedies like this right now as others have adopted his no-holds-barred improvisational method as well, though said method is applied a bit more to the films he's associated with, like the recently-released Wanderlust, which he produced. Apparently there was so much alternative footage shot for Wanderlust that it warranted an entirely different (shorter) cut of the film, which runs a little under 80 minutes and will be included on the DVD/Blu-ray, at least in the UK, where Bleeding Cool just discovered the extra feature after the BBFC certificated it. We assume the theatrical version, which ran 98 minutes, will also be included as well.

Director David Wain and his cast chatted up what's being called the "Bizarro Cut" during a recent Q&A at Lincoln Center, and they also spoke at length about this shooting process, revealing just how far they'd take some of these scenes -- to the point where, at times, it was as if they were shooting a completely different film. Joining this "Bizarro Cut" will be a number of other deleted scenes and a gag reel, offering viewers plenty of alternative ways to experience the comedy.

We think it's a great idea, and if Wain feels he has the time and content to create an entirely different version of the film for us, then have at it man. Check out the cast Q&A below (they begin talking about the alternate takes right away), and we should expect more announcements regarding the Wanderlust DVD/Blu-ray in the coming weeks.

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