Everything You Need to Know About the Amazing Life of Walt Disney

Everything You Need to Know About the Amazing Life of Walt Disney

Jul 16, 2013

Here's something that combines two of our favorite things: infographics and Walt Disney. The chart takes us from his humble beginnings on a farm in Missouri, where Walt became fascinated with trains, to the development of his beloved Mickey Mouse, until his death in 1966.

The pop-culture legend first experimented with hand-drawn cel animation when he started working at the Kansas City Film Ad Company in the 1920s. Several animations later, Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was raking in millions at the box office during the Great Depression. The film also won eight Oscars. Disney's creations jumped from cinema into the real world with the opening of his theme park in 1955. The icon's successes came in droves until his untimely death to lung cancer.

The company has since carried on, but Disney was the true heart and soul of the Mouse House. Learn more about his life, below — with thanks to Design Taxi for sharing this EyeCandy Infographic. If you prefer your biographies in video form, we've also included a four-minute video about the Mickey Mouse mogul.

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