Huge News: Walmart Officially Announces Program to Help Convert All Your Old DVDs to Digital Copies

Huge News: Walmart Officially Announces Program to Help Convert All Your Old DVDs to Digital Copies

Mar 13, 2012

It had been rumored for awhile, but today Walmart made their new disc-to-digital program a reality, announcing that beginning on April 16th, you'll be able to bring any of the DVDs or Blu-rays that you own to your local Walmart and convert each disc to a digital copy for $2. Or, for $5, you can up-convert a standard DVD to HD.

This is a huge move on Walmart's part to make digital movie-watching a lot more accessible, giving their customers the option to convert any of their old DVDs or Blu-rays to digital, making them immediately available to view on roughly 300 internet-ready devices, like phones, tablets, laptops etc ... Walmart will make each digital copy available through the digital streaming service they already own, VUDU, and so all you'll need is a VUDU account to get the ball rolling. Walmart will then convert whichever discs you like for the aforementioned fees and upload them directly to your VUDU account.

Parents want digital copies of all their old Disney DVDs to help keep the kids busy on long car rides? Done. Not sure what to do with all those old DVDs collecting dust now that you primarily watch your content on computers or tablets? Done. If it catches on, this could bring so many more people over to the digital side of movie-watching. Not only that, but it gives more people incentive to buy DVDs and Blu-rays instead of renting them through, say, Netflix, and that's probably one of the main reasons all the major studios are already onboard with the plan.

Check out this video tutorial below for more. Do you see yourself using this service? Is this the game-changer we think it is?

[via Techcrunch]

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