Wait, Who is This Rebecca Black Chick Again?

Wait, Who is This Rebecca Black Chick Again?

Mar 23, 2011

Have you heard about Rebecca Black yet? If not, then consider yourself lucky because Ms. Black has officially become The Most Annoying Internet Celebrity of the Week, as voted on by me, a dude who's sick and tired of watching the internet shove this girl down my throat. With people already calling her "the next Justin Bieber" (which is odd because Biebs has more talent in his pinky finger than this girl will ever have) Rebecca Black crashed the internet earlier this week when this seemingly unknown aspiring musician unleashed what has to be the worst music video in the history of music videos. And since we love to obsess over content that's horrible and in no way entertaining (hello Charlie Sheen), Black's video, titled 'Friday,' became an instant hit with over 30 million views.

In fact, the video is so bad, the lyrics so uninspiring and the sound borderline atrocious, that some folks are actually considering the fact that Black is an imposter, a character created as part of a hoax. Sadly, this jaded writer does not think she's a hoax. With the dumbing down of songs these days, and the stories of how anyone can turn into an overnight celebrity, I totally think this Rebecca Black chick is the real deal.

So I guess now we have to answer the real question: Does this mean the terrorists have won?

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