Watch the Surprise 'Cloud Atlas' Q&A with Lana and Andy Wachowski from Fantastic Fest

Watch the Surprise 'Cloud Atlas' Q&A with Lana and Andy Wachowski from Fantastic Fest

Oct 03, 2012

One of the highlights of Fantastic Fest this year was something nobody expected; a secret screening of Cloud Atlas. But the movie -- which is an absolute marvel of filmmaking, by the way, that will most assuredly find its way on to many Top 10 lists this year -- wasn't the end of the surprise. Fantastic Fest also brought out Lana and Andy Wachowski for a Q&A hosted by Drew McWeeny of HitFix. It was by far the best Q&A of the entire week, and thankfully now everyone can get a glimpse at it.

Unfortunately this video isn't the entire chat, which was probably a good 20-30 minutes in length, but it does give you a look at the warmth and humor the Wachowskis clearly have. The Matrix franchise has taken on such huge pop-culture status, and it has such a cold, stark look to it, that it's easy to think the minds behind are equally cold and stark. But they're really, really not. They're very smart, funny, genuine people, and so is Cloud Atlas. Weird how that works out.

And for those concerned about spoilers, there's nothing in here you shouldn't hear before seeing the movie. And please, please do see it when it hits theaters on October 26, 2012. It's a wondrous, heartwarming, lively piece of indepedently produced sci-fi, and we hope audiences show it the support it deserves.

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