Watch: The Wachowskis Make a Surprising Cameo Inside 'The Matrix: Path of Neo'

Watch: The Wachowskis Make a Surprising Cameo Inside 'The Matrix: Path of Neo'

Jul 14, 2014

If you’re a hard-core fan of The Matrix, or an avid gamer, you may already be familiar with the totally bizarre ending to the 2005 video game The Matrix: Path of Neo. If not, strap in – because this one ranks in the top five weirdest video game endings of all time.

Players who made it to the title’s final boss battle were first treated to an absolutely bizarre interlude with Matrix creators Andy and Larry (now Lana) Wachowski. The directorial duo takes the screen as pixel people, and breaks the fourth wall to explain to gamers why they’ve changed the ending of the game from their film. In short, because the whole sacrificial Jesus thing in a video game where players expect to slay some giant final boss is kinda "lame." It’s a valid point – most game players expect to defeat the final big bad guy at the end of a game with violence – not get a lesson on sacrifice and enlightenment.

While the rationale certainly makes sense, it doesn’t make the presentation any less odd. The idea of the Wachowskis turning up to interrupt the flow of the gameplay for a funny explanation of why they’ve changed things isn’t completely out of left field (there have been earlier games where players could find hidden areas where the game’s developers appeared), but it is pretty unique in that this instance is part of the main storyline progression and not some Easter egg that most will never find.

Check out the clip of the ending of Path of Neo below. Not only do you get the Wachowskis in pixel form, you also get Neo fighting a gigantic Agent Smith, live-action film footage, and Queen’s We Are the Champions. Yeah… this game was strange.

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