New Movie Service Vyer Films Looks to Give You a Curated Streaming Experience

New Movie Service Vyer Films Looks to Give You a Curated Streaming Experience

Aug 16, 2014

When most people want to watch a movie online, they turn to popular streaming service Netflix. But for the cineaste looking for something different, there are a number of companies that offer an alternative to Netflix’s plethora of blockbusters and reality television shows. Video-on-demand websites like Mubi or Fandor offer a dazzling array of art house fare and international cinema. Company Vyer Films is following suit.

Like the previously mentioned curated streaming services, Vyer wants to bring its à la carte tastes to your living room. Subscribers are treated to four new, previously unavailable films that are pared with exclusive features like interviews, short films and essays to offer further insight. It’s reminiscent of a bygone era when video-store clerks curated lists of movie recommendations for discerning customers that brings the conversation back to the movie-selection process.

Volume two of Vyer’s offerings boasts a release of Sion Sono’s film Himizu — a Venice International Film Festival award winner about two teens living in post-tsunami Japan (based on a manga of the same name). Slant’s Kenji Fujishma described it as “a vision of coming of age as trial by fire, a thunderous encapsulation of that period of transition in which adolescents try to discover themselves: their passions, their purpose, their sense of morality.”

Discover more great movies by visiting Vyer’s website.




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