Brad Pitt Narrates the Unfolding of the Universe in the 'Voyage of Time' Trailer

Brad Pitt Narrates the Unfolding of the Universe in the 'Voyage of Time' Trailer

Jun 30, 2016

How do you get a bunch of hardcore cinephiles to take interest in an average IMAX documentary? Get Terrence Malick to write and direct one, of course. The trailer for his first nonfiction effort, Voyage of Time, is filled with remarkable imagery and a spiritual address of the history of the universe, as narrated by Brad Pitt, and it feels pretty familiar if you've seen enough large-format efforts found in museums and special exhibits around the world. Not that this brand of the familiar isn't still totally amazing. 

The doc should also remind Malick fans of the creation of the universe segment in his 2011 movie The Tree of Life (which stars Pitt). For this new dream project, which is 30 years in the making, the filmmaker even works with cinematographer Paul Atkins, who shot second-unit stuff for that (as well as Knight of Cups and To The Wonder), and has been a DP on notable nature docs like Disney's Oceans.

Other returning collaborators include visual effects supervisor Dan Glass, who also worked on The Tree of Life, and Douglas Trumbull, who is again reportedly serving as a consultant. Malick has also reunited with composer Ennio Morricone, who previously scored Malick's Days of Heaven nearly 40 years ago.  

We should note that the trailer below is specifically for the "IMAX experience" version of Voyage of Time, which is only 40 minutes long. There will also be a 90-minute cut called Voyage of Time: Life's Journey with narration by Cate Blanchett instead of Pitt (who is also a producer) that will show only in 35mm format in regular cinemas. Only the shorter version has a release date. You can find it on IMAX screens on October 7. 




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