Big Screen 'Voltron' Assembles Again

Big Screen 'Voltron' Assembles Again

Jul 22, 2011

Fans have been hearing for years about the robot anime series, Voltron, being transformed into a feature-length film – similar to that ThunderCats movie that never happened. THR is reporting, however, that Relativity Media and Atlas Entertainment will be producing a new film, along with screenwriters Josh Oppenheimer (Sahara) and Thomas Dean Donnelly (Conan the Barbarian).

The Voltron Force is a team of five pilots who drive robot lions that formed one giant bot named Voltron, who fights to protect their planet -- set in a dystopian future. Comic books and an animated television series have kept fans entertained, but the long-term tease of a new movie is not likely to get anyone too excited just yet. Relativity's Tucker Tooley is though: "For nearly three decades, Voltron has captured the minds of a nostalgically loyal and rabid fan base and has long been considered a hotly-pursued project. We are beyond excited World Event Productions and Atlas Entertainment have placed their trust and faith in Relativity to bring this coveted property to the big screen, and usher in a new generation of devoted fans."

It will be interesting to see how another giant robot film transpires in a post Transformers world. Can Voltron hold its own against Michael Bay's beast? Or will these bots be fighting a losing battle?


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