Vitalic's Cinematic Music Video Recalls Controversial British Short

Vitalic's Cinematic Music Video Recalls Controversial British Short

May 14, 2013


Am I the only Dario Argento nerd who thinks of the director when I hear electronic artist Vitalic's "My Friend Dario"? Probably. The second single from Pascal Arbez's latest album, Rave Age, has a bloody new video. Ditching the sexy robo sounds of speech-synthesis program Brigitte from OK Cowboy, Arbez tapped French music video director Romain Chassaing (Vampire Weekend, Air) for "Fade Away."

The track, with guest vocals from Shitdisco's Joe Reeves, is pretty great, but the video trumps all. In a beautifully orchestrated chain of executions, Chassaing has dropped references to several films — most notably Alan Clarke's Elephant (produced by Danny Boyle). The 1989 short is set in Northern Ireland and was a silent, stark commentary on the country's sectarian violence, depicted with almost no dialogue and a series of violent killings. Gus Van Sant made reference to Clarke's work in his 2003 film of the same name. You can check out both films, below. As much as we enjoy a good bloodbath in the morning, these are probably NSFW.


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