Watch: Fantastic Video Shows Why American Comedies Need to Step Up Their Game

Watch: Fantastic Video Shows Why American Comedies Need to Step Up Their Game

May 28, 2014

The below video is titled Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy, and even though it certainly celebrates the beloved British director's unique style, this is far better than your average supercut dedicated to one filmmaker. This is a concise lesson in how cinema can so easily be used to enhance comedy, and how American comedies are so weirdly noncinematic.

In the video, creator Tony Zhou uses footage from movies like The Heat, Old School and This Is Tte End to reveal how shockingly inert the Hollywood comedy has become. Now before you cry, "But those movies are funny!," Zhou's not disagreeing with you. All he's doing is pointing out how most of these movies use only the most basic parts of cinematic craft to tell their jokes. 

It just so happens that once you notice how rudimentary these styles are, and then you compare them to someone like Edgar Wright who uses cinematic language as an extension of the jokes, you realize that Hollywood comedies really are ignoring a vast array of tools at their disposal.

Note: The following video contains mild foul language





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