Visit Megan Fox Island in New Language School Advertisement

Visit Megan Fox Island in New Language School Advertisement

Jan 25, 2012


Megan Fox is trying to explore her career options — you know, the ones that don't involve her ass and giant robots. She'll be appearing in Judd Apatow's This is 40 and will be starring alongside Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph, and Jon Hamm in Friends with Kids, which releases this March. In the meantime, she's happy to let the fat stacks roll in by offering her alluring image — multiples of it, even — to a Brazilian language school's advertising campaign.
The actress makes two young boys wish they had learned English when they land on an island inhabited by dozens upon dozens of Megan Foxes. Cue the slow-mo sexy stuff. When the guys fumble their words, they're banished to Mike Tyson island — which literally looks like hell on earth. We bet it's an interesting place, though. The commercial is goofy fun, and we've got the clip for you below.


[via The Playlist]

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