'Virgins Wanted' Trailer: Filmmaker Documents Boys and Girls Auctioning Off Their Virginity

'Virgins Wanted' Trailer: Filmmaker Documents Boys and Girls Auctioning Off Their Virginity

Oct 24, 2012

Would you auction off your virginity to the highest bidder all in the name of a documentary? That's the debate at the heart of Virgins Wanted, a documentary that follows male and females from Australia who've agreed to auction off their precious virginity to the highest bidder. The bidding itself on at least two of the "virgins" seems to have ended today, with Alexander (the boy) snagging $3,000, and Catarina (the girl) going for a whopping $780,000. The winning bidder for the boy comes from Brazil, while the winning bidder for the girl is from Japan... and something tells us things might get a little weird from here on out.

What's interesting about the site where the bidding took place is that it doesn't come right out and say it's a documentary. You have to click on the "view videos" section, and that takes you to two YouTube videos, one of which claims to be the first of three trailers for the film, which is being directed by newcomer Justin Sisely. Clicking around some more leads you to what look to be audition tapes from men and women seeking to lose their virginity to the highest bidder.

How far they'll actually take this, we do not know - an earlier story on this documentary claims the public online auction is part of the film's climax, so does that mean we won't actually see the, well, climaxes? Apparently the willing participants will lose their virginity on a plane in order to get around various laws, and some of the proceeds may or may not be going to charity. We'll follow the progress and let you know if Virgins Wanted ever pops its, er... sees the light of day. 

Here's the trailer...

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