Vinessa Shaw to Star in Remake of 'Who Can Kill a Child?' Being Produced by Gael Garcia Bernal

Vinessa Shaw to Star in Remake of 'Who Can Kill a Child?' Being Produced by Gael Garcia Bernal

Jan 24, 2012

If you're a horror fan then you've undoubtedly heard of the Child's Play film series about a maniacal doll named Chucky who becomes possessed by the spirit of a serial killer and runs around slaughtering people (and sometimes slaying them with cheesy jokes). As a doll. With those creepy, little doll legs. And that Wallace Beery alcoholic timbre. The popular series spawned a handful of sequels and other spin-offs, and seems to have inspired the title of an upcoming Spanish language remake of the 1976 movie, Who Can Kill a Child?, now re-titled Child's Play.
Bloody Disgusting reports that The Hills Have Eyes' Vinessa Shaw will be appearing in the retelling, which is being produced by Y Tu Mamá También's Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. Huh. Shaw plays a pregnant woman on an island getaway who is terrorized by the demonic children living there. 
One of the earliest creepy kids films, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador directed the movie about an English couple who venture to an island along the Spanish coast inhabited only by eerie, murderous children. The film's often been compared to Stephen King's Children of the Corn, which the iconic scribe published just one year after Who Can Kill a Child?. Many have suggested King was directly influenced by the tale, but it's hardly the only movie about psychotic kids released during that time (Village of the Damned appeared in 1960, for example). The most interesting part about the movie is the way Serrador plays with cultural anxiety and introduces his film with a kind of social message by showing news reel footage of horrific child abuse the world over.
We want to see what a Gael Garcia Bernal produced horror movie looks like, so we'll probably check this one out when it surfaces. How about you?













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