Vincent Gallo Refuses to Release His Two New Movies

Vincent Gallo Refuses to Release His Two New Movies

Aug 05, 2011

Vincent Gallo is making waves again, but this time it's not about real blowjobs on film circa 2003's The Brown Bunny. The eccentric artist (though he'd scoff at that word) is refusing to distribute or screen his latest movie, Promises in the Water, which did previously make the rounds at Venice and the Toronto International Film Festival last year. In fact, Gallo recently told the Danish Film Institute that he would not be showing his future films ever again.
The Playlist reported that Gallo told interviewers, "I do not want my new works to be generated in a market or audience of any kind." The Buffalo '66 director-actor claims the only reason he went to Venice or TIFF is because of an agreement he made with Promise in the Water actress Delfine Bafort. "I have just finished a new film and has not made similar agreements with anyone. So this film is allowed to rest in peace, and stored without being exposed to the dark energies from the public," he also said. The story follows a professional Dr. Kevorkian figure, Kevin (Gallo), who specializes in the termination of life. Bafort stars as Mallory, a woman with a terminal illness who reaches out to Kevin to protect the dignity of her body after suicide. The experience changes the way Kevin sees death forever.
Say what you will about the actor or his films, but for all the uninteresting and unoriginal whoring going on in Hollywood, the Vincent Gallos and Crispin Glovers of the world are like a breath of fresh air. Still, there are many who disagree with that and are already applauding his absence. Is this just more Gallo malcontent that will fade with time? Do you even care?

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