Will You Buy Vince Vaughn As a Terrorist-Fighting Action Star in 'Triple Time?'

Will You Buy Vince Vaughn As a Terrorist-Fighting Action Star in 'Triple Time?'

Nov 01, 2012

It must be hard being a guy like Vince Vaughn, who is expected to play the charming doofus in every role he takes. We can't blame him for wanting to shift gears and take on something new again. The Swingers actor has already made moves toward the thriller Risk Agent and the action-adventure Gunslingers, and now he can add the action movie Triple Time to his list of projects. 

Peter Billingsley is a name you'll recognize from A Christmas Story. He played the oft-foiled Ralphie who desperately wanted a Red Ryder BB gun. The child star recently directed Vaughn in the critically panned Couples Retreat — which Vaughn also cowrote and produced — and he'll be taking the reins once more in Triple Time

Variety reports that Vaughn will be playing a U.S. marshal who has to transport an environmental terrorist to D.C. — until the plane explodes and they are forced to work together and figure out who is really behind the accused's wrongdoing. Ice Age scribe Michael J. Wilson will cowrite the movie.

We've seen actors like Tom Hanks transition from comedic roles into dramatic parts and even action stories — like the god-awful Da Vinci Code movies — so it's entirely possible Vaughn could pull it off. On second thought, we all know how Psycho went. Are you willing to give the actor's serious, heroic side a once-over, or will he always be Trent during a long night in Vegas?

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