Who Wants to Own a Giant 7-Foot Copy of the Creepy Painting from 'Ghostbusters II'?

Who Wants to Own a Giant 7-Foot Copy of the Creepy Painting from 'Ghostbusters II'?

Jun 25, 2014

Vigo the CarpathianWhile no one in their right mind will ever argue that Ghostbusters Iis as awesome as the original film, I think we can all agree that the giant Vigo the Carpathian mural on display early in the feature is pretty amazing in a totally campy way. If you’ve ever wanted your very own version of that artistic masterpiece, then today is your lucky day.

Etsy artist David Vyskocil has been crafting his own gigantic 4'x7' versions of the print that are guaranteed to be a major component of your living room – if you can convince your significant other to let you hang it. Our advice? Go The Big Lebowski route and mention how it “really ties the room together."

Badass Digest recently got in touch with Vyskocil and the creator gave them the skinny on these masterpieces of modern art.

The prints are created with an Epson Sure Color S70670HD printer, which can create images up to 64” wide with great visual fidelity. The printer puts the image on high quality 13 oz. banner material. Vyskocil says the finished product can withstand three years of direct sunlight exposure outside without fading.

The artist reports that he’s crafted hundreds of Vigos during the years he’s offered them, and that it generally ships within a week of placing your customized order. If this has you sold on having your very own Vigo, check out Vyskocil’s page for more details.  

Vigo the Carpathian mural




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