Video Mashup: Quentin Tarantino's Movies Get 'The Works'

Video Mashup: Quentin Tarantino's Movies Get 'The Works'

Nov 07, 2011

It's no secret that Quentin Tarantino is a huge movie geek and embeds innumerable iconic references to other films in his works. His dedication to crafting cinema that cineastes worship for his impeccable style, sharp dialogue, and twisted humor shows in everything he does. Videomaker Joel Walden has summed up the director's career in a nicely edited mashup of Tarantino movies called The Works that highlights what makes the Pulp Fiction director one of the best. " … I feel that his films are kinetic, deep and always offer a great time at the cinema," Walden writes. Check out clips from Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, and more below.


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