Watch the Trailer for a Summer Movie That's All About Video Games

Watch the Trailer for a Summer Movie That's All About Video Games

Jun 18, 2014

Video Games: The Movie logo

As someone who’s been around since Pong consoles were the hottest thing in gaming, I’ve seen video games evolve firsthand – from primitive blobby squares on a screen to the cutting-edge interactive movies we see today. If you aren’t quite as ancient as I am, don’t fret – you can experience the history of the medium for yourself in the upcoming documentary Video Games: The Movie.

The debut trailer for the feature has hit the Net, and it looks great – particularly if you’re a gamer. The Zach Braff-produced film chronicles the rise of the medium, from niche hobby of nerds everywhere to a multibillion dollar industry that rivals film and television in terms of audience.

Packed with interviews from the medium’s biggest luminaries, and narrated by Sean Astin, Video Games: The Movie looks to be the definitive documentary on one of the biggest cultural phenomena of the past century.

If you’re wondering when you can sit down and drink in all this gaming goodness, breathe easy – it’s sooner than you think. The film makes its theatrical debut on July 18, but those hoping for an early look can download a copy through iTunes and various other digital distribution services starting July 15.

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