Nerd Watch: VHS Notebook

Nerd Watch: VHS Notebook

Jul 13, 2011

It's kind of ironic that the majority of people still using physical notebooks these days are kids, most of whom probably weren't born yet when VHS was popular, but there's still a legion of VHS supporters out there who have fond memories of sticking that clunky, plastic tape into an even clunkier VHS player and then crossing fingers in the hopes the thing will actually work. For those who'd like to pay tribute to the VHS tape without having to go back to using actual VHS tapes, check out this nifty VHS Tape notebook, complete with 260 pages, VHS sleeve and labeling stickers. We're not sure what you'd actually use a notebook for these days, but we bet it'd look cool on your DVD shelf.

Here's a description from Firebox:

"Almost exactly the same shape and size as a regular VHS cassette (just without the spools), this hardbacked notebook even comes with its own protective sleeve – making it ideal for carting around in a bag, or hiding on a bookshelf. And just like VHS tapes, it comes with its own set of sticky labels! Use it to store your recipes, log your gap year travels, or sketch out your schemes for riches (and label it appropriately). Or hand it to an iPod-toting emo-poppet and watch their little face scrunch up in confusion. Ah, some little pleasures will never die out."

[via The Awesomer]

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