Watch: These Short Films Just Landed Hollywood Dream Jobs for Their Directors

Watch: These Short Films Just Landed Hollywood Dream Jobs for Their Directors

Oct 05, 2012

Vessel still photo

If you want to make it as a big-time filmmaker in Hollywood, but don’t have any insider connections, you could make a short film in an attempt to launch your career. That’s exactly what three different filmmakers have done this week.

Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp created a lot of viral video buzz after releasing their short films Speed of Light and Address Is Approximate (you can see the latter below) into the wilds of the Internet. The move has now paid off, as the duo has been hired by Sony to rewrite and direct Giants. That project is a sci-fi piece about an alien race of giants who chase their attacker (a bolt that’s fallen off the Hubble telescope) back to Earth. When they arrive, they realize they aren’t giants here…

Given the charming Address Is Approximate (which features a toy robot coming to life and taking a cross-country trip through the use of Google Maps’ street-view feature), we think this hiring works. [Film School Rejects]

While Jenkins and Sharp’s work led to them landing work on an already in-development Hollywood feature, Clark Baker’s short film Vessel has earned him an even sweeter gig – directing a full-length version of his horrific short.

Paramount has acquired the rights to Vessel – a frightening short film about a cross-country flight that runs into an alien mothership. Baker made the original film with Kickstarter funds, but will now have significantly more cash at his disposal as he blows it up for the big screen thanks to studio involvement.

The director won’t be going at it alone as he attempts to expand upon his original idea as he’ll be working alongside scribe Stephen Susco (the writer behind The Grudge). The trick here will be bringing the Close Encounters of the Third Kind meets John Carpenter’s The Thing vibe to a full-length title – and fixing the ending.

That being said, we’re excited by the potential of a full-length Vessel – the mixture of practical and CGI FX should please old-school horror fans and the core idea is excellent. Check out the short below and see if you agree. [via Variety]

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