Watch Vernon Wells Perform Dramatic Readings from 'The Road Warrior,' 'Weird Science' and 'Commando'

Watch Vernon Wells Perform Dramatic Readings from 'The Road Warrior,' 'Weird Science' and 'Commando'

Jan 03, 2013

Vernon Wells kicks ass. That's it, plain and simple. He's been kicking ass since the early '80s when he blazed onto the scene rocking a red mohawk in The Road Warrior, and he's still kicking ass to this day, appearing in several small films you've probably never heard of, many of which include the words "Death," "Justice" and/or "Killing" in their titles.

Your fondest memories of Wells kicking ass most likely date back to a string of movies between the years 1981 and 1985, when the actor starred in The Road Warrior, Weird Science and Commando. In two of those films (Road Warrior and Weird Science) he even played the same character (kind of), and then in Commando he played a villain who looked like your dad and fought Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Wells has done a TON of stuff since then, but these are the movies people remember him from. These are the movies fans want to hear him talk about. These are the movies we want to see him reenact years later while performing dramatic readings of dialogue during something called Victory Variety Hour's Super Nova A-Go-Go.

Check it out below. This is from 2008, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

"I was doing a play in Melbourne and George Miller’s girlfriend was at one of the showings. She suggested to George that I would be perfect for the role of Wez. I had no idea what the “Road Warrior” was about so George came down for a meeting and after about an hour of telling dirty jokes we both went on our way. A month later I get a call saying I got the part. I still had no idea what the film or the role was even about. It wasn’t until I had to go to Sydney for my costume fittings did I start to figure it out. Originally I had thought that I couldn’t do the role and was in my own way trying to get out of the role. Once I got the whole costume on George stood me in front of the mirror and I was scared shitless. After George doing that I figured I could probably do the role." -- Vernon Wells

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