Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren Set to Headline New After Dark Action Line-Up

Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren Set to Headline New After Dark Action Line-Up

Apr 03, 2012

After Dark Action posterAfter Dark Films, the guys who made the After Dark Horrorfest an annual event, then branched out into original projects, is now set to move beyond things that go bump in the night.

The After Dark team is teaming up with Dark Castle Home Entertainment to launch a new line – After Dark Action.

Company president and CEO Courtney Solomon explains the rationale behind the decision.

“After many years with the Horrorfest ‘8 Films to Die For and After Dark Originals brands, we are excited to expand into the action film arena. Our mission is to create innovative, first-rate entertainment for action lovers everywhere.”

Much like the 8 Films to Die For events, After Dark Action will showcase five new action films released theatrically in a sort of “national film festival” format. The titles will hit theaters and VOD on May 11th, and will eventually wind up on DVD if things hold true to form.

The titles featured in the event may not be big budget extravaganzas, but they do feature some names action fans known and love. Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, and Cung Le are just a few of the actors starring in the films slated for release.

Here’s the full breakdown of what viewers can expect when these films blast their way into theaters this May.

Transit – Starring Jim Caviezel, James Frain, Elizabeth Rohm, Harold Perrineau and Sterling Knight; and directed by Antonio Negret and written by Michael Gilvary


Dragon Eyes – Starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Cung Le and Peter Weller; and directed by John Hyams and written by Tim Tori

Philly Kid – Starring Neal McDonough, Devon Sawa and Wes Chatham; and directed by Jason Connery and written by Adam Mervis

Stash House --  Starring Dolph Lundgren, Sean Faris, Briana Evigan and Jon Huertas; and directed by Eduardo Rodriguez and written by Gary Spinelli

El Gringo -- Starring Christian Slater, Scott Adkins and Yvette Yates, directed by Eduardo Rodriguez and written by Jonathan W. Stokes

Anything in that line-up pique your interest? Dragon Eyes has us intrigued – Van Damme, Cung Le, and Peter Weller? That could be pretty good. We are sort of surprised that the list is completely devoid of Seagal, though – seems like a huge missed opportunity. Maybe next year…

Let us know what sounds appealing to you in the comment section below.


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