'Vacation' Reboot Hits Travel Delay; a New Director Sambas Over to 'Step Up 5'

'Vacation' Reboot Hits Travel Delay; a New Director Sambas Over to 'Step Up 5'

Apr 24, 2013

Ed HelmsIt’s the circle of life in action in two production updates today – one film dies (at least temporarily) and another takes its place. Let’s get to the sad stuff first.

Remember when everyone was excited that Ed Helms was going to play Rusty Griswold in a sequel to the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies? Okay, excited might be overselling it a bit, but people were definitely interested. Well, forget that for now.

New Line has mashed the brakes on the reboot of the popular franchise for the time being, citing the ever popular “creative differences” as the rationale for the delay.

Sources say that the heart of the issue is that some of the folks involved with the film want to make it an edgy hard-R comedy, while others would prefer to stick with the gentler PG-13 stylings of some of the sequels. Apparently, there’s not going to be an agreement on this issue prior to the film’s scheduled July start date, so New Line’s stopped preproduction until a decision can be made.

It’s interesting to see how things have changed in Hollywood. Just a few years ago, studios avoided the R rating like it was radioactive poison -- mostly because it kept kids (who have lots of discretionary income to spend on things like movie tickets…) from being able to see their new releases. Now, in the wake of successes like The Hangover, the studios can’t get enough of the hard-R features.

Hopefully some sort of decision is reached soon – we were actually looking forward to a new Vacation movie.

Step Up 2

Ok, I lied when I said we were doing the sad news first. While a Vacation delay certainly makes me a little misty-eyed, news that a fifth Step Up film is in development makes me weep like a child at the end of Old Yeller.

While the previous installment of the dance franchise barely broke even domestically, it did enough business in the rest of the world to warrant yet another sequel. It’s become the Saw and Paranormal Activity of teen dance films, apparently.

When the sequel was originally revealed earlier this year, the assumption was that Step Up Revolution helmer Scott Speer would grab his dancing shoes for another tour of duty, but it turns out that’s not the case. Speer is presumably going to be too busy with his thriller Spinback (which, wait for it, is set in the world of electronic dance music…), so the search is on for a new director.

According to sources, the frontrunner is currently dance choreographer Trish Sie. If you’re not familiar with Sie by name, you’ve probably seen her work. She was involved in that treadmill video that OK Go did a few years back. Sie’s not been officially hired yet, but we think she might be the prefect fit for this project.

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