The U.S. Military Teams with Hollywood to Create a Real-Life 'Iron Man' Suit

The U.S. Military Teams with Hollywood to Create a Real-Life 'Iron Man' Suit

Jul 09, 2014

Iron ManSometimes life is stranger than fiction – like in this story about the U.S. military working diligently to create their very own real-life version of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit.

Companies like Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Raytheon have been joined by Legacy Effects in the effort to create what the military refers to as TALOS – a real-world version of Tony Stark’s gear, complete with weapon, body armor, strength-enhancement protocols, a monitoring system and more.

If this sounds like a pipe dream, consider that the military has already reportedly spent over $10 million trying to get the program up and running and hopes to have the suit deployed by 2018. The problem is that it’s a lot easier to make these things in a Hollywood blockbuster (where the gear doesn’t have to actually work) than it is in real life.

One of the biggest current hurdles is the weight of the TALOS armor. Early estimates indicate the exoskeleton could weigh as much as 400 pounds, with 360 of that being batteries to power all the high-tech weaponry and systems.

While we won’t argue that it would be totally awesome to see a squad of guys dressed like Iron Man and War Machine engaged in battle with enemy forces, we have to wonder if this is the best use of taxpayer money – and whether or not some of the upper-level brass at the Pentagon has spent way too much time watching Marvel movies over the past few years. 

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