Watch: 'Primer' Director Reveals Another Mysterious Teaser Trailer for His Next Film

Watch: 'Primer' Director Reveals Another Mysterious Teaser Trailer for His Next Film

Dec 13, 2012

Update: You can watch the second teaser trailer below the first, which is just as baffling and mysterious as the one that came before it.

When the first wave of Sundance 2013 films hit, there was one title that set the movie blogosphere abuzz: Upstream Color. It may not sound like much from the title alone, but there is one very simple reason people wouldn't stop talking about it. It's the new film from Shane Carruth, the writer-director of Primer.

It's been eight years since Carruth's incredibly simple but incredibly complex time-travel movie played Sundance, and the director's been more or less off the grid since then. But now he's back with a second film, and judging from the trailer, it looks... well it looks exactly like a new movie from the guy who made Primer. There's absolutely no way to grasp the plot based on the trailer or the official, one-line synopsis ("A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism."), so let's look back at what we had to say the first time we learned Upstream Color was even in the works:

As for what the title refers to, Brown explains that "upstream color" is a biopharmaceutical term that refers to a (usually undiscovered) chemical impurity that starts in the early stages of manufacturing and carries through to the final product. Does that mean Carruth is tackling the dark side of the biopharmaceutical industry? Possibly, but it could also just be his clever way of telling a story about a woman who has, according to the character descriptions CHUD got a hold of, "been through a traumatic event though she doesn't remember it, but it reveals itself in various ways."


Teaser #2

We're sure all the Primer fans out there are ready to see Upstream Color no matter what, but what do you think of how it looks so far?

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