Update: Production on New 'Riddick' Movie Now Back on Track

Update: Production on New 'Riddick' Movie Now Back on Track

Nov 28, 2011

Chronicles of Riddick Concept Art

[Concept art for the untitled new film]

Update: TMZ is now reporting that One Race Films have settled any outstanding debts with the owner of their studio space and that production on the new, still untitled Chronicles of Riddick is back on track.

As a general life rule we try to avoid gossip mongers TMZ whenever possible, but every now and then their unfailing ability to dig up embarrassing news about celebrities does yield something directly movie related. In this case it's news that production on the currently untitled third feature film in the Chronicles of Riddick (it's been rumored to be called Dead Man Stalking, though that's yet to become an official title) has been halted.

Why? Well, according to their sources, it's because they literally can't get into their production studio. The owner of said studio told TMZ [via io9] he kicked everyone out, changed the locks, and won't let anyone - including star/producer Vin Diesel - back in until they pay their bills. And, if their unidentified sources are to be believed, the studio owner isn't the only one who has been waiting on a check from One Race Films, Diesel's production company: several crew on the film are also rumored to have been stiffed by the production.

How much is owed is unclear at this point, though really that's none of our business. We just hope that the film can fix its production woes. We're a sucker for this franchise and we'd love to see it come together with the cast, which includes sci-fi fan favorite Katee Sackhoff, that Bloody-Disgusting reported on just yesterday.

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