Update: Lecter Cast in NBC's New 'Hannibal' Show

Update: Lecter Cast in NBC's New 'Hannibal' Show

Jun 04, 2012

Update: EW is reporting that Hannibal Lecter will be played by none other than the great Mads Mikkelsen, who most will likely recognize as the villain who weeps blood in Casino Royale. The outlet doesn't say who the other two actors up for the part were, but hints that while Mikkelsen was the least known of the finalist, he had the most potential.

Thomas Harris' frightening crime horror-thriller novel Red Dragon became a lurid nightmare in Michael Mann's Manhunter, and Brett Ratner made a passable attempt — with a serial killer more befitting of Hollywood (Ralph Fiennes) — in 2002's similarly titled movie. The book's sequal was also turned into the well-known, Oscar-winning movie, The Silence of the Lambs.  Now, NBC is taking the "Tooth Fairy" tale to the small screen as a "contemporary thriller series featuring the classic characters from Thomas Harris’ novel." The show will head straight to a 13-episode storyline.

Fans of Harris' works can reunite with FBI agent Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the studio's Hannibal. Deadline reports that the series will introduce Graham and Lecter "at the beginning of their budding relationship." In the book, the crime fighter worked with Lecter — before his capture as a cannibalistic psychopath — to create a psychological profile of a serial killer. The killer, of course, turns out to be Lecter, who tries to kill Graham — an event that haunts him for years, forces him into retirement, and troubles him during his future investigation. Casting seems essential for NBC since Anthony Hopkins has big shoes to fill (this writer likes Brian Cox better as Lecter, however).

It looks like NBC will be competing with Scream writer Kevin Williamson’s Fox pilot. The FBI agent on the hunt for a cult of serial killers project will star Kevin Bacon as the investigator of the diabolical drama, with James Purefoy, Shawn Ashmore, and Valorie Curry also starring. Hannibal has a built-in audience, but maybe a cult of murderers is more of a draw than one we've seen multiple times already? Let us know below if you're ready for more Lecter.

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