Update: Full 'Sinister 2' Trailer Breaks Out the Freaky Home Movies

Update: Full 'Sinister 2' Trailer Breaks Out the Freaky Home Movies

Apr 09, 2015

Update: Find the full trailer below.

Horror movies can be a very complicated business for the very simple reason that fear is always so subjective. One person can see something and it barely elevates their heart rate, but that same movie can cause someone else to lose sleep for days on end.

Having said that, we can all agree the first Sinister is genuinely scary, right? Even if the story of a crime novelist who moves his family into a murdered family's house so that he can write his big comeback book doesn't get to you, director Scott Derrickson's scares are so well crafted they have to earn some kind of physiological response while watching them. They just have to, and I suspect anyone who says otherwise is a bit of a fibber.

Now having said all of that, Sinister 2 director Ciarán Foy certainly has his work cut out for him (Derrickson is producing and co-writing with the first's C. Robert Cargill, but not directing). But as you can see from the below teaser trailer for the sequel, the groundwork so far is looking promising.

The full trailer:

The teaser trailer:

It's hard to tell from that incredibly brief teaser, but the story this time around involves a mom (Shannyn Sossamon) moving her two young boys into an old farm house, oblivious to the fact that doing so has moved them right into the path of Bughuul. Deputy So-and-So (James Ransone) from the first movie has figured this out, though, and now he's going to do everything he can to save them from the grim fate he's now seen firsthand.





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