Update: 'The Evil Dead' Remake is in Need of a New Leading Lady

Update: 'The Evil Dead' Remake is in Need of a New Leading Lady

Jan 25, 2012

Update: Well that only lasted a few weeks. Variety's Jeff Sneider revealed yesterday that an undisclosed scheduling conflict is keeping Lily Collins out of The Evil Dead. There is not yet yet any word on who will replace her or if this will push the film's start date.

Few remakes have evoked as much fan ire as a remake of Sam Raimi's seminal The Evil Dead, but at this point protesting the idea of the film is pointless because, well, it's no longer just an idea. The Fede Alvarez-directed, Rodo Sayagues/Diablo Cody co-written remake will, despite the Internet's groans, be going in front of cameras in March and Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Lily Collins is in final negotiations to play its lead character, "Mia." (Note: Bruce Campbell revealed last September that there is no Ash in the remake.)

The 22-year-old Collins, no stranger to B-level productions thanks to Priest and Abduction, will be playing a drug addict who is taken to a cabin in the woods by four friends as a clean-up intervention. The friends then find a necronomicon in the cabin and innocently read it aloud, which is mighty inconvenient since it then allows said friends to attribute Mia's weird visions of demons and animated trees to her detoxing.

So, if it wasn't immediately obvious, this new Evil Dead is taking a very different track than Raimi's original, which is about several average college co-eds having a good time at a cabin in the woods. And if the introduction of this drugie sub-plot wasn't enough of a game changer on its own, this new iteration will also be filming in New Zealand (where Raimi sets up many of his television productions), so it should boast a decidedly different look than the original's Morristown, Tennessee when it hits theaters in April of 2013.

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