Update: 'The Crow' Remake Already Moving Forward Post-Lawsuit, Hires New Writer and Director

Update: 'The Crow' Remake Already Moving Forward Post-Lawsuit, Hires New Writer and Director

Jan 25, 2012

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Update: That didn't take long. TWC and Relativity Media have brought in relative newcomer Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family) to write the script, while Spanish director F. Javier Gutierez (Before the Fall) will take the helm.

The idea of remaking The Crow has been kicking around Hollywood for awhile now, but the project has hit one snag after another. Rotating directors and stars were the main issue, then a legal dispute between The Weinstein Company and Relativity Media threatened to kill the project once and for all.

Unfortunately for those of us rooting for the remake to die, Relativity and TWC have apparently ironed out their legal differences. Empire reports that the two companies have made up without going through a long and protracted legal battle, and that things are once again rosy between them.

At the heart of the issue was TWC’s claim that they had an exclusive contract with Relativity that gave Bob and Harvey Weinstein exclusive rights to sequels and a ton of other things related to James O’ Barr’s gothic comic. Relativity, displeased by this, turned around and blamed the Weinsteins for the box office failure of the Rob Marshall musical Nine.

It’s all water under the bridge now, though. “The parties will continue to work on the film together as planned. In addition, Relativity Media has dismissed all of its claims against The Weinstein Company for any wrongdoing regarding the release and distribution of Nine, and The Weinstein Company has dismissed all of its claims against Relativity Media."

And who said there were no such things as happy endings?

This apparently clears the way for progress on the remake plans – except there’s no one currently attached to the project. Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper were both attached to play the title character, but have since moved on. The latest rumor has Before the Fall filmmaker F. Javier Gutierrez mulling over signing on, but there’s no official confirmation of that so far.

We’ll keep you posted as new details come to light. 

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