Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away

Aug 10, 2009

If you’re immune to the sentimental charms and zany, googly eyed characters that Pixar consistently delivers in its animated films (Blu-ray Bob admits nothing!), then you already have a unique talent for suppressing your feelings. It’s considered inhuman, nay, evil to speak ill of these cartoon bugs, cars, monsters and lonely robots. Critics sing their praises, kids love them, and they make a ton of money and are thrown Oscars—Pixar's sort of like the cartoon equivalent of Meryl Streep. The studio's latest, Up, is no exception. The story about a curmudgeonly widower who attaches thousands of balloons to his house to fly to Paradise Falls in South America, where his dearly departed wife dreamed of going, really delivered for its target audience, which is apparently everyone. The timeline pictures of the doll-like cartoon wife getting sicker in each frame didn’t leave a dry eye in the house, the cherubic stowaway kid was an instant crowd pleaser, every squawk by a tropical bird brought gales of laughter, and the movie was the second-highest grossing of 2009. If you count yourself among these pleased people—an upstanding American, that is—then you’ll be thrilled that Up is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on November 10, just in time to be under every Christmas tree in this Pixar-ed nation. The discs are loaded with extras, including new animated shorts and a documentary that covers the filmmakers’ journey to South America. The Blu-ray has even more exclusives, including a Global Guardian Badge Game, Geography Game and eight more documentaries. The discs will be cherished until Pixar brings us its next theatrical offering, which Blu-ray Bob has learned features adorable animated characters and already has serious Oscar buzz. You heard it here first.

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