Up in the Air: Join the Mile-High-Def Club March 9

Up in the Air: Join the Mile-High-Def Club March 9

Feb 18, 2010

The guy always gets the girl in romantic comedies, but the genre rarely gets any love from the Academy come Oscar time because—let’s just say it—most are so silly and formulaic you’d think they were pieced together by trained monkeys. Writer-director Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air stars George Clooney as a “career transition counselor” who jets around the country firing employees for bosses afraid to drop the ax themselves and is more romantic dramedy than Jennifer Aniston-style rom-com, which is why it has been nominated for six Oscars. Clooney—who nails a role that people inexplicably think is a huge stretch for him as a playboy who finds little use in romantic attachments—gets distracted by his female alter-ego (Vera Farmiga) and a spirited trainee (Anna Kendrick). Will anyone ground this frequent-flier bachelor? (Hint: take a cursory look at Clooney’s real love life and hazard a guess.)

Paramount is bringing Up in the Air to disc on March 9, just two days after the Academy Awards. The “coach,” or DVD version, contains commentary by the filmmakers, “Shadowplay: Before the Story,” deleted scenes and trailers. First-class buyers will want to splurge for the Blu-ray version that—in addition to high-def picture and sound as well as the extras just mentioned—contains eight more deleted scenes, storyboards, “American Airlines Prank,” and the “Help Yourself” music video by Sad Brad. Snack boxes will cost you extra and exact change is appreciated.

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