How to See the Untold James Bond Story, Plus: Roger Moore on Daniel Craig and More

How to See the Untold James Bond Story, Plus: Roger Moore on Daniel Craig and More

Aug 29, 2012

Welcome to James Bond Countdown, our resident 007 expert's in-depth analysis of the James Bond franchise leading up to the release of Skyfall this November.


A new international banner for Skyfall has emerged, and it features Daniel Craig on his back, aiming a gun, and looking like a proper secret agent. It's an attractive, minimal design that follows the character banners we saw several weeks ago. 

Bond Style for Men

In our last entry we shared several Bond Girl makeup tutorials, so we felt it was only fair to give the guys the spotlight this time around. David Zaritsky from the resourceful and fashionable James Bond Lifestyle has created a video blog about the jackets featured in Skyfall. It's a straightforward look at men's fashion, in which Zaritsky provides context for each piece, offers affordable and practical alternatives, and informs viewers how to match Bond's look almost identically — right down to the buttons and collar. The beauty of Bond is in the fine details, and Zaritsky gets it — so give this a watch if you've been dying to emulate Craig's Skyfall style.




In other Bond style news, CNBC has rated James Bond's iconic Aston Martin DB5 as one of the most beautiful cars of all-time. They write of the 1964 vehicle: "The car Brauer calls one of the most famous ever was a major presence in James Bond films, first appearing in Goldfinger, followed by appearances in Thunderball, GoldenEye, Casino Royale and Tomorrow Never Dies." They weirdly forget to mention that the timeless, elegant and robust car will also be making an appearance in Skyfall.  

Coca-Cola's Bond Promotional Tie-in 

If you're hosting a James Bond movie marathon before Skyfall hits theaters, you may want to purchase some of these limited edition 007 designs that Coca-Cola has unveiled for its CokeZero bottles and cans. They feature the famous gun barrel motif, a Craig-esque silhouette, and urge buyers to "unlock the 007 in you." It's the closest you'll get to having a drink with Bond, so sure, why not. Still, we hope the soda won't have a gross and obvious ad spot in the upcoming film that feels shockingly out of place. There's nothing badass about Bond leaping from tall buildings and blowing things up, only to turn to the camera holding... carbonated sugar-free water.




Roger Moore on Daniel Craig

There's a fantastic reprint in the Daily Mail that features an excerpt of former Bond star Roger Moore's new book, Bond on Bond. He provides a frank assessment of cinema's longest-running franchise star. Notably, Moore pays current 007 Daniel Craig the highest compliments, stating, "I loved Casino Royale and Daniel Craig. He is a wonderful actor, certainly the best actor to play Bond." The 84-year-old actor also gives a nod to the English actor's hard-earned physique. "Craig also has the best build of any Bond," he admits. Moore's Bond wasn't nearly as physical when it came to stuntwork, and as we've stated before, the studio has shaped Craig to fit the action-star mold much more intensely than his predecessors. 

"I believe that Skyfall is going to have a lot more humor in it than Quantam of Solace did, something I’ll be pleased to see," Moore also said. What does the cheeky former Bond think about the corporate involvement in Skyfall that was doubly required to get the production off the ground? "Of course, we had executives breathing down our necks when I was playing Jimmy, but I never took them seriously." Can we just say how awesome it is to know Moore calls Bond, Jimmy? Adorable! "I don’t think I took anything seriously," Moore continued, "Except making sure I got paid on Friday. For me, going to work with Cubby Broccoli and his team was like going on a family outing. It was hard work, but there were a lot of laughs. It was a true pleasure." The actor's wry sense of humor, although too hammy or glib for certain audiences, was actually one of his strongest assets. 
Moore was able to exude a calm, cool and grave exterior when it really mattered. He was never that famously tongue-in-cheek persona when a profound injustice was afoot, giving his version of the secret agent an interestingly deeper moral slant than 007 was originally written to bear. Moore's Bond wore his heart on his sleeve when innocent people are harmed and killed. 
The English actor balances that serious intent (or hides it, even) with a lighthearted approach and knowing wink. To Moore, Bond really is that "anonymous, blunt instrument wielded by a government department," and living a hell of a fantasy along the way. "Sean's jokes come from left field, and I let people know a joke was coming," he once explained, comparing himself to Connery. "I basically said, 'I'm have a good time doing this, and I hope you're having a good time watching me have a good time.'" Bond's superiority and heroics are just a clever ruse to Moore. They are simply the stuff of movies, instilled in a character that is controlled by Queen and Country. "I don't believe in Bond as a hero. It's a load of nonsense," he stated. "How can you be a spy when any bar you walk into, the bartender says, 'Ah, Mr Bond. Shaken, not stirred?'"
It's great to know that Moore's witticisms haven't left him all these years later. Read the full article at the Daily Mail, and purchase a copy of his new book over here.
Skyfall Production Blog

Director Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig are going back to the heart of the Bond brand and setting a large part of the upcoming spy actioner in the iconic city of London. While the franchise has seen its share of exotic settings and international intrigue, Mendes has taken great care to integrate a strong sense of Bond's British heritage in Skyfall's atmosphere. It sounds like we're in for a whole new look at one of the world's greatest destinations.

Bond Documentary Everything or Nothing Arrives in October
As the 50th anniversary of 007 attracts the most tie-ins of any Bond in recent history, we have another project to add to the mix. A new feature documentary on the history of the Bond movies will be released on October 5 to coincide with the spy's big birthday. Everything or Nothing: the Untold Story of 007 is directed by Fire in Babylon's Steven Riley, and produced by John Battsek (One Day in September) and Simon Chinn (Man on Wire).
The film will focus on Bond producers Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and author Ian Fleming, who gave life to the longest-running film franchise in cinema history, starting in 1962. "With unprecedented access both to the key players involved and to Eon Productions’ extensive archive, this is the first time the inside story of the franchise has ever been told on-screen in this way," a press release detailed. "Director Stevan Riley follows a story that begins with a ground-breaking spy thriller and continues six Bonds and five decades later. While Bond was saving the world from chaos and catastrophe on-screen, this compelling documentary draws back the curtain to reveal the battles, threats and real stakes unfolding behind the camera." We already know that bringing Bond back to the big screen wasn't easy for Skyfall. The production was considerably delayed due to MGM's financial troubles.
Broccoli and Saltzman founded Eon Productions. Cubby — whose proper name appears during the opening credits of every Bond film — had been eyeing up Fleming's novels for quite a while before kicking off the series with Dr. No. Eventually his partnership with Saltzman started to crumble when the duo disagreed about Saltzman's outside projects — including a trilogy of spy films about Bond-esque character Harry Palmer, who lacked the edge (and the glorious gadgets) of 007. Eventually Saltzman had to withdraw his partnership due to financial woes. The Broccoli family still runs Eon, and it has always been a close-knit operation. It should be interesting to learn more about the trio's personal relationships and hopefully gain even more knowledge about how Fleming shaped the screen character. We already know that he wasn't initially fond of Connery, but quickly changed his mind once he saw him in action. Stay tuned for more details on Everything or Nothing as we get them.

There are 57 days until the London premiere of Skyfall on October 26, 2012 — commemorating the franchise's 50th anniversary. The Sam Mendes-directed film opens in the U.S. on November 9 and finds Daniel Craig returning to the role of James Bond. The movie also stars a villainous Javier Bardem and new Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe.

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