Unleash Your Summer Movie Nerd with the R2D2 BBQ Smoker

Unleash Your Summer Movie Nerd with the R2D2 BBQ Smoker

May 17, 2011

Leave it up to Star Wars guru Philip Wise to come up with one more job for that lovable, eccentric Star Wars robot, R2D2. The man behind sites like TheForce.net and Rebelscum.com, as well as one of the largest private collections of Star Wars memorabilia, proves that outdoor summer cooking can also involve your love of the great sci-fi movie franchise.

Because real Jedis know how to smoke their meat, Wise has crafted this pretty awesome R2D2 smoker out of a 55-gallon drum. Unfortunately it's not for sale (though we wouldn't be surprised if something like this hit the market eventually), but I bet the smoked Tauntaun meat tastes especially juicy when it sits inside this thing for a few hours. Now all we need is C3PO to do all the smokin' for us so we can relax and sip Galactic Cooladas over by the pool. Whaddya think?

[via Technabob]

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