Universal Wants Justin Lin to Give the 'Bourne' Franchise Some of His 'Fast & Furious' Magic

Universal Wants Justin Lin to Give the 'Bourne' Franchise Some of His 'Fast & Furious' Magic

Nov 08, 2013

The last time we heard about Universal attempting to do something further with the Bourne franchise was at the beginning of September. Back then the rumor was Matt Damon was going to come back, along with director Paul Greengrass. Greengrass quickly shot down those rumors, though, and the flames of speculation died down. Well fire them back up, because now there's a new name in the mix: Justin Lin, aka the man who turned the Fast & Furious franchise into the monster blockbuster series it now is.

This time around the talk seems to be far less speculative. Deadline is reporting that Lin is definitely directing the untitled film, while Variety isn't quite so ironclad, saying instead that he's Universal's pick for the job and now the ball is in Lin's court to either say yes or pass. If he does sign on, it'll mean Bourne is the next film for him after handing off the Fast & Furious franchise to James Wan for part seven.

We don't know too much about the new Bourne film except that it will be about Aaron Cross, Jeremy Renner's character from The Bourne Legacy, the script was written by Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes), and Frank Marshall is on board as a producer. Honestly, at this point we're not too concerned with who directs the film (Lin is as fine a choice as any), but we do wonder what it'll be called. The Bourne Legacy was a great title because it allowed them to transfer to a new character while still using a title that'd instantly tell audiences what kind of movie it was. But Aaron Cross just does not have the brand recognition that Jason Bourne does. It'll be funny to see if they can come up with another The Bourne _____ (our best is on The Bourne Legacy 2), or if they do indeed try to make Aaron Cross the headliner.





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