A Guide to the Golden Age of Universal Monsters, All in One Image

A Guide to the Golden Age of Universal Monsters, All in One Image

Oct 28, 2013

It's a sad truth that we're teetering on an age where an entire generation of movie fans has no idea that the Universal Monsters were ever a thing. Sure, they know about Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy thanks to countless modernizations, but they just haven't grown up with them in the same way anyone born before, say, the millennium did. Sure, Universal is talking about rebooting these monsters in some kind of shared, Marvel-esque universe, but these creatures of the night have already had decades of prestige on the silver screen, and have costarred with one another a number of times already.

So, if you have a monster fan in your life who isn't quite as in touch with the Universal Monsters legacy as they should be, send them this handy chart, which highlights all of the major films involving these core characters from 1923-1960. And if you are already a fan, consider this a refresher course.

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